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  • 13 Feb 2016

Training Module

Physical Module

This module is for the purpose of building competence and resilience in mental capacity, emotion, spirit and physical resulting in the trainee being a more effective citizen. This training particularly will enhance unity among the trainees, accentuate mental resoluteness for survival sake, competence in problem-solving, deriving decision individually and in a group…..

Nation-building Module

For this module, its objective is to widen the knowledge on the nation (nation-building) and accentuate the love and sacrifice for the nation by the trainees. By working in groups, the trainers guide them on topics that touch on the nation, peoples, government, sovereignty and challenges within and outside the nation. Through the element of nation, the participants are groomed to love the nation and willing to defend the beloved country….

Character-building Module

The aim of this module, as the name suggest, is to build character. It evolves around the family, the self, the community and the nation. It consists of two components – one focus on developing the self and the second, on oneself and others. In the first component, the participants involve in discovering himself, being aware and recognising one’s traits (Iike leadership trait), strengthening and rejuvenating one’s weakness…

Community Service Module

Life is meaningless if we do not have the strength/willingness to try something. Identity and volunteerism ought to be strong and resilient to develop the inner strength and self-confidence. With this in mind, the programme introduces several modules to achieve this aim by focusing on the 18 year olds…

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