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Kenyataan Akhbar 6/2012

06/12 KENYATAAN AKHBAR ENHANCING AND EMPOWERING NATIONAL SERVICE The National Service Training Department (JLKN) appreciates and welcomes all forms of feedback and constructive suggestions from the public that generally have the program’s well being in mind. Recent views published in The Star on 16th January 2012 and 17th January 2012 have brought up many pertinent points which are in line with the Department’s medium to long term efforts to review and enhance the implementation of the National Service (NS) program. Since its inception in 2003 by law through the National Service Training Act 2003 (Act 628), the National Service program has seen almost 600,000 youths successfully complete the training and thus gaining memorable and useful experiences both intrinsically and extrinsicall with which they can utilize in moving onwards and upwards in life. The multi faceted and experiential learning approach that undergirds the National Service training modules lays a strong foundation for the trainees to undergo a holistic and balanced 3 month training stint. Given the relatively short period of the training, the Department is in full agreement that the modules and training method implemented should be of high impact and outcome based. It was rightly pointed out that the spirit behind the National Service is that of a non-military conscript approach. Having said that, the aforementioned NS Act 2003 provides for a mandate to prepare Malaysian youths for National Service and generally of creating a nation which is patriotic, resilientr and imbued with the spirit of volunteerism. To that end the Department has developed a training module that is divided into four (4) main components which are the Physical Module, Character-building Module, Nation-building Module and Community Service Module. There are also additional modules such as the i-Smart program that augments the main modules. As in all things, there are always room for improvement. Nevertheless, studies done together with institutions of higher learning have proven that the NS program has been successful in achieving its objectives which are:- i. To develop and enhance the spirit of patriotism amongst youths; ii. To encourage national integration and racial unity; iii. To build character through imparting core moral values; iv. To instill a spirit of volunteerism; and v. To develop a young generation that is resilient, healthy and confident. The Department agrees with the suggestion to toughen up the training modules in order to instill discipline and responsiveness, skills that are relevant and applicable to all situations, not just in the context of NS. In a globalised world, the readiness of a nation to defend herself lies not only in defense and military elements but also includes a more wider concept of national security as identified in the five (5) pillars of Total Defence (HANRUH), of which two components i.e Psychological Resilience and Civic Preparedness are relevant to the NS training modules. It is hoped that through greater acceptance and general public support that the NS program can than push on towards becoming a premier youth program embraced by all. The NS Department and the Ministry of Defence is committed towards engagement with all relevant parties to further enhance and empower the National Service program as it continues to meet the aspirations of all stakeholders involved, especially our youth of today. Disediakan oleh: Bahagian Komunikasi Korporat Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia Tarikh: 17 Januari 2012

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